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I post a Very Short Story here every weekday. The stories are very short.

Sometimes I also use words to make sentences, and I decorate the inside of my internet home with these words. See - Words.

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4 May 10


This is not a short story. This is a note to you, Dear Reader.

I have been awful and neglected this page for over a week.


Also…apologies in advance for the next couple weeks, during which time I will continue to neglect this page. I’m working on something exciting on my home base (, and it won’t be ready until next Thursday, and until then my mind and time will be absorbed in that project.

I’ll be back soon - promise.

Until then,

Hang loose.

23 April 10


"Today is national banana day."


"Yeah, of course."

"I didn’t know that. Um…what does that even mean?"

"What does that…what does that┬ámean? Are you serious?”

"I’ve never heard of national banana day before."

"Bananas are endangered species!"


"I can’t believe you didn’t know that."


"Yeah. And to raise awareness…you’re supposed to eat as many bananas as you can."

22 April 10


He knew that you could never own too many bandanas.

He wasn’t sure if the same rule applied to wearing bandanas.

Better safe than sorry, he thought. He put on every bandana he owned.

He looked in the mirror.

Yup, he looked solid.

Yup, tonight was looking like it would be a very premium night.

21 April 10


He talked and talked and talked. He thought that everyone was listening. He thought that everyone was so absorbed in his awesome stories they couldn’t look away.

She tapped him on the shoulder. She leaned toward him.

"Wipe," she said.


20 April 10


"You ate it?"


"Your…your fingernail? You really just ate your…"

"Yeah. What? What’s that face for?"

"Nothing," she said.



They broke up after that.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh